Marian Sparks

Marian Sparks

Jul 17
Marian Sparks

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Marian is the founder and spokesperson for Jump for the Rose, which benefits The Rose breast cancer clinics in Houston.

First jump 2007- My niece wanted to do a skydive to celebrate her graduation.
Jumps 1766+
Ratings USPA Coach
Future ratings None
Container Javelin because it was available to buy when I needed to buy gear and it fit.
Main canopy Spectre 150. After demoing PD’s canopies at an event, I chose the Spectre because I liked the stable flying characteristics and flare.
Favorite discipline Relative work (belly flying);Instructing
Skydiving Training Skydive Spaceland
What if anything would you improve in this sport? Relationships and communications.
Most common mistake you see new jumpers make? Jumping by themselves because they don’t know that there is someone else who will jump with them. They don’t know that we experienced jumpers love to feed off their energy and watch them grow.

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