Debbie Grannum

Debbie Grannum

Jul 17

Debbie GrannumDebbie Grannum is a surgical nurse and strong supporter of Jump for the Rose.

First jump Labor Day – Monday September 20th, 2002
I don’t know how I got the idea that I wanted to skydive, but I was getting older and the desire was not going away.
Jumps 1,500+
Ratings None
Future ratings USPA Coach; AFF Instructor
Container Javelin. It was the first I was introduced to and I still feel very comfortable with it.
Main canopy Sabre II 135. I trained on the Sabre canopy and so stayed with a fairly docile canopy. As a student I flew a Sabre II 190, then as a novice bought a Sabre II 170, spent 10 jumps on a Sabre 150, and I have been on a Sabre II 135 since then. I’m not a good canopy pilot so I intend to stay on this canopy for a while.
Favorite discipline Relative work (belly flying); Big Ways
Skydiving Training Skydive Spaceland
What if anything would you improve in this sport? Awareness under canopy.
Most common mistake you see new jumpers make? The most observed mistake is moving to another skill or difficulty before mastering the one they’re in. e.g. Canopy downsizing—unless you are able to fly in all conditions and land in all conditions, you should stick with a good size canopy. Exceptions can be made if the canopy is way too big.
Another area abused is trying to freefly before having control of of your belly flying.”

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