Christy West

Christy West

Jul 17
Christy West

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Christy is the architect of and Director of Marketing/Communications at Skydive Spaceland.

First jump 1997–Randy Connell and I traded. He got to ride horses and I got a tandem jump. I think I got the good end of that deal. :)
Jumps 3800+
Ratings AFF–lapsed, National FS Judge
Future ratings None
Container Aerodyne Icon–it’s comfortable and very solid.
Main canopy Aerodyne Pilot 96. It opens consistently softly and it has a great range from nice swoop to slow flight in traffic or when landing off. And it has a nice shutdown at the end.
Favorite discipline  Relative work (belly flying)
Skydiving Training Skydive Greenville
What if anything would you improve in this sport? Resistance to being called out on safety issues. When someone brings a safety concern to your attention, don’t blow them off. Ever. One of you (quite possibly both) needs to be educated and being combative or dismissive guarantees that that will not happen. Be open to the idea that you may be wrong, and talk through the issue calmly to achieve a satisfactory resolution and education as needed for everyone.
Most common mistake you see new jumpers make? Not thinking enough. This is a very technical sport, and while there is a heck of a lot we can do to keep it safe, sometimes those things get overlooked in the heat of the moment. And it’s possible that there are things you do because you were instructed to do so, but you never understood or forgot why you were told to do them. Understand the why of everything and ask if you don’t yet understand, and you are a much better skydiver who can apply that knowledge to various scenarios than one who does things by rote without understanding.

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