Big SISters

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NameFirst JumpJumpsRatingsFavorite Discipline
Christy WestJan. 19973900AFF--lapsed, National FS JudgeRelative work
Merry ReganJuly 2011500+NoneRelative work, freeflying
Nicole BlackAug. 20111,000+NoneRelative work, Freeflying
Katrina ShowsOct. 19984500+USPA Coach, AFF Instructor, Formation Skydiving Regional JudgeRelative work (belly flying), Swooping, Freeflying, having fun!
Alisha BloodworthJuly 28, 2012220-ishNoneFreeflying
Marian Sparks20071766USPA CoachRelative work, Instructing
Debbie GrannumSept. 20, 20021,500 +NoneRelative work, Big Ways
Paula UrcidSkydive Chicago410NoneFreeflying
Kristin SingletonJune 1, 2011260+NoneRelative work, Freeflying
Vanessa PottsApril 21, 2012119+NoneFreeflying
Pauline ForisterJuly 2008725NoneFreeflying
Dee AkersOct. 19873000+NoneRelative work (belly flying)
Valerie MarvinAugust 19982100USPA Coach, AFF Instructor, Coach and/or Instructor ExaminerRelative work (belly flying)
Kirsten JohnsonOct. 23, 19933600+USPA Coach, lapsed AFF-IRelative work (belly flying), coaching
Alexandra NealeDec. 10, 2012450+NoneFreeflying
Susan BrooksJune 2009600+USPA CoachRelative work (belly flying), Freeflying, Instructing
Jessica Rankin2008600ishNoneFreeflying
Brooke FlemingMay 20, 2012230NoneFreeflying
Rita Sandt2010650+NoneRelative work (belly flying), Freeflying
Helaine RumanerJune 19982,,600+USPA CoachRelative work (belly flying)

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